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Seminar Comfort in the Gastagwirt

"Keep a cool head in your seminar" - that's what our guests do in the Gastagwirt seminar rooms

"Keep a cool head" - that is fairly important during a long and exhausting seminar. The more heatedly the discussions are, the more important it is to stay fresh and bright. The room climate, the ventilation and the cooling of the seminar room are some crucial details.

The seminar rooms in the Gastagwirt are very "opened" to the outer world, they have immense glass surfaces and enable our guests with an amazing view to the landscape of the SalzburgerLand. During the construction of our seminar area we especially cared about the room climate and fresh air. Naturally dropping shadows, high rooms and an open wood-construction bring much air into our rooms.

For especially hot days the Seminarhotel Gastagwirt offers an additional air condition, which is the topping of the "perfect room temperature" for everybody. This does not mean, that it has to be super-cold in our seminar rooms - the air condition is not operated centrally. Every detail of the air condition can be operated and changed by you or your trainer.

It is too hot in your seminar room?

Send your seminar-members in a deserved break, cool down the room with the air conditon, the high construction and the perfect insulation store the cool air for you. Wenn you get back from the Gastagwirt lounge there will be enough fresh air for you inside your room. If the temperature is too high, you need not to look for an engineer. We show you how to operate the air condition and how you can create the perfect climate for you and your seminar.

Keep a cool head and book your next seminar or convention in the Gastagwirt - the Maislinger family looks forward to welcoming you soon and receive your inquiry.

One Day Convention Package

Convention during the day - without over night stay. Also for a one day convention we need modern technical equipment, room and an opened mind.

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